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HALMED participated in the operation “Pangea VI” against counterfeit medicines


The Agency for medicinal Products and Medical Devices (HALMED) participated in the international operation called "Pangea VI” co-ordinated and led by INTERPOL and carried out by police, customs, national regulators with the aim to combat counterfeit medicines. During the operation that was conducted between 18 June and 27 June 2013 in 99 countries, 9 610 illegal websites that were selling counterfeit and unlicensed medicines were closed down, 58 people involved in those illicit activities were arrested and 9,8 million potentially dangerous medicines valued at 235 million kuna were seized.

According to survey data by the World Health Organisation, it is estimated that 50% of medicines offered in Internet are counterfeited. The aim of the "Pangea” operation is to minimise the online purchase of medicines, by raising the awareness and by cracking down on the illegal Internet sales.

The operation in Croatia was carried out by customs, police and HALMED. More than 1000 packs in different post offices were searched and no irregularity was found and no one was arrested due to illegal medicines sales. HALMED participated in this operation by raising public awareness on counterfeit medicines and risks of online purchase through scientific press, media and proper web pages.

There were no reports on counterfeit medicines in authorised supply chains in Croatia. On this occasion, HALMED reminds Croatian citizens to, for safety reasons, buy medicines exclusively at authorised sales points.