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The demo version of the Croatian Pharmacopoeia now available


In order to enable even larger access to Pharmacopoeia and to facilitate its use and ensure a regular updating, the new edition of the national Pharmacopoeia will be for the first time prepared exclusively in an online form. In order to help users to search through Pharmacopoeia, the new edition is organised like the European Pharmacopoeia.

Croatian Pharmacopoeia will also include the recent edition of Standard Terms, that will be regularly updated with every new supplement.

The adoption of the new edition of the Croatian Pharmacopoeia by the Minister of Health is expected in October 2013.

In order to familiarise with the presentation and how to search the Croatian Pharmacopoeia here you will find a demo version one of the monographs with links to corresponding texts. The demo version is available here.

The list of translated texts of the European Pharmacopoeia (bolded titles are completely translated, whereas others are partially) are on the left side of the screen. Titles of all texts and monographs included in the current edition of the European Pharmacopoeia will be included in separate bilingual, or trilingual tables with links to translated texts.

By clicking the title on the left side of the screen, the selected text is opened on the right side. By clicking the highlighted link in the text, the corresponding reagent, method or other linked text is opened. It is possible to search in a classical way, by the selected word. In the demo version on the left side of the search screen, only titles directly related to given monographs are activated.

In September 2013, HALMED will provide information regarding the licenses for use of the entire edition of the Croatian Pharmacopoeia 2013.

In case of browser problems (Internet explorer 8 or newer), click the option Compatibility View settings. In case of technical difficulties when using the demo version of the Pharmacopoeia, please ask Mr Goran Šoštar ( and for all scientific matters please ask Ms Planinka Jakšić (