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Notice on suspected counterfeited medicines


The Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices (HALMED)has received via rapid alert system from the German competent authorities a notice about suspected counterfeited products of the following medicines:

Afinitor, Alimta, Aranesp, Atripia, Avastin, Avonex, Caelyx, Clexane, Copaxone, Enbrel, Exjade, Faslodex, Gilenya, Herceptin, Humira, Irresa, Kivexa, Mabthera, Mimpara, Neulasta, Prolia, Rebif, Remicade, RoActemra, Seroquel, Stelara, Sutent, Tarceva, Tasigna, Truvada, Velcade, Votrient, Xeplion, Xeloda, Yondelis, Zytiga.

The suspected counterfeited medicines have been reported by a German company operating as a parallel distributer, CC Pharma, followed by a recall of all the suspected batches from the market.

Neither of these suspected batches have been on the Croatian market.

Eventhough these batches have never been distributed in Croatia, all healthcare professionals are advised to pay special attention at handling and use of these medicines. In the case of any suspected counterfeited medicine, a report should be sent to HALMED by e-mail to:

HALMED has not received any report to these suspected counterfeited medicines, quality defect or suspected adverse reaction that would indicate a counterfeited medicine. HALMED will continue to closely monitor the safe use of these medicines and will inform the public promptly about any new information.