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HALMED participates in the 2nd International Patient Safety Day


Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of Croatia (HALMED) participates in activities on the occasion of the 2nd International Patient Safety Day, observed on 17 September. The observance of this day was initiated last year by the Action Alliance Patient Safety from Germany, Patient Safety Platform from Austria and Patient Safety Foundation from Switzerland. As associated partners, FSP - a patient safety association in Brazil - as well as Croatian Society for Patient Safety (HDSP) also participate in this year's activities.

The 2nd International Patient Safety Day is observed under the slogan "Working together to prevent medication errors", with the safe use of medicinal products as the key topic of this year's activities. Activities with which the 2nd International Patient Safety Day is observed are focused on the raising of awareness of possible risks in the use of medicinal products as well as how to minimize them.

One of the events dedicated to the topic of this year's International Patient Safety Day is the workshop on the safe use of medicinal products, which will be held on 19 September in the Health Center Zagreb - West (Dom zdravlja Zagreb - Zapad). A lecture at this workshop will be held by a representative of HALMED, Nikica Mirošević Skvrce, MPharm, PhD, Principal Coordinator for New Medicinal Product Safety Issues in the Department for Pharmacovigilance and Rational Pharmacotherapy. Her lecture, titled "Prevention of Adverse Drug Reactions", is dedicated to adverse reactions - noxious and unintended responses to medicinal products which can arise from the use of a medicinal product within or outside the terms of the marketing authorisation as well as from occupational exposure - as a clinical and pharmacoeconomic problem. A special emphasis of the lecture is put on activities with which healthcare professionals can contribute to the prevention of adverse drug reactions, such as availability of direct healthcare professional communications in the Central Healthcare Information System of the Republic of Croatia (CEZIH), electronic medical record and the reporting of adverse drug reactions via the mobile application as well as computer applications for healthcare professionals.