Medicinal Products

Notice on expected shortage of Megostat 40 mg/ml oral suspension (megestrol)


PharmaSwiss d.o.o., the marketing authorisation holder for Megostat 40 mg/ml oral suspension (megestrol), has notified the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices (HALMED) of an expected shortage with this medicine on the Croatian market. The shortage is due to manufacturing reasons.

The normalisation of the supply chain is expected in the beginning of the next year.

Megostat oral suspension is indicated in the treatment of anorexia or body mass loss that results from cancer or AIDS. Taking into account that there is no other authorised medicine in Croatia with the same strength, pharmaceutical form and active substance, authorised for this indication, HALMED will at wholesaler’s request during the shortage period, provide accords for enter/import of a medicinal product not authorised in Croatia.