Medicinal Products

Republic of Croatia signed the MEDICRIME Convention


The Republic of Croatia signed on 3 September 2015 the MEDICRIME Convention that for the first time at the international level defines the counterfeiting of medicinal products and medical devices, as well as their manufacturing and placing on the market without marketing authorisation or compliance with safety requirements as a pharmaceutical crime.

Croatian experts participated among others in the preparation of the MEDICRIME Convention for fighting against counterfeit medicines and medical devices which was adopted by the Councel of Europe’s Committee of Ministers on 9 December 2010. The Convention that has been signed by 24 and ratified by four Member States has yet to come into effect, taking into account that five ratifications are needed for coming into effect. The list of countries that have signed and ratified the Convention is accessible here.

HALMED was exceptionally involved in signing of this Convention and will continue to co-operate intensively with all Croatian and European competent authorities in the future with the aim to prevent the distribution of counterfeit medicinal products and medical devices.

This Convention is the first international mechanism of international law that requires from Council Of Europe’s Member States to incriminate the manufacturing of medicinal products and medical devices, supply and distribution and placing on the market of medicinal products and medical devices without necessary marketing authorisations or compliance with requirements.