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HALMED awarded pharmacists for spontaneous reporting in 2013


On Friday, 3rd October 2014 the Annual Election Assembly of the Croatian Society of Pharmacy took place, where also the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices (HALMED) awarded pharmacists for their contribution to spontaneous reporting of adverse reactions in 2013.

HALMED as a competent authority for medicines and medical devices awards every year pharmacists with the most reported and the most quality documented adverse reactions to medicinal products. This year pharmacists from the ZU Farmacia were awarded: Iva Opačak, Radojka Obradović, and Mirna Matas. Awards were delivered by the Head of HALMED, Viola Macolić Šarinić, MD, PhD and Darko Krnić, MD, Head of the HALMED’s National Centre for Adverse Reactions.

The Head of HALMED, Viola Macolić Šarinić, MD, PhD, Clinical Pharmacologist and Toxicologist on that occasion held a lecture "40 years of spontaneous reporting in the Republic of Croatia”, where she stressed that there was an important increase of adverse reactions from pharmacists, that should be continuously encouraged.