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Overview of the Networking in Pharmaceutical Sciences Conference

In the GSK Research Center Zagreb, an international conference on the „Networking in Pharmaceutical Sciences“ was organised jointly by the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS) and the Croatian Pharmaceutical Society (CPhS). The event partners were the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices (ALMP) and the Croatian Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (CARPC). The Conference was held under the auspices of the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Croatia.

In the opening part of the Conference, the participants were addressed by:
members of the International Scientific and Organising Committee, who are at the same time members of the Executive Board of EUFEPS or CPhS and the Pharmaceutical Sciences Section:
o Prof. Daan J.A. Crommelin, President of EUFEPS;
o Prof. Milena Jadrijević-Mladar Takač, President of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Section of the Croatian Pharmaceutical Society;
representatives of the event partners:
o Dario Naletilić, PhD, President of the CARPC Board of Directors;
o Assistant professor Siniša Tomić, PhD, Head of the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices;
representative of the Conference sponsor:
o Romana Katalinić, Head of the Medicinal Products and Medical Devices Division, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

The Conference was attended by approx 200 participants, representatives of regulatory authorities, academic community, pharmaceutical industry and research centres from 16 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Ireland, Kosovo, Lithuania, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Turkey and the United Kingdom).

Among presenters at the Conference were chairmen of the leading European associations, scientific directors of pharmaceutical companies' research centres and representatives of the medicines agencies (Croatia, Belgium and Ireland), as well as prominent scientists and experts in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacogenetics, gene therapy, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, toxicology, pharmaceutical formulation and the new in-vitro/in-vivo models.

The Conference contributed to the strengthening and expansion of the international network promoting and supporting pharmaceutical sciences, scientists and experts.

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Overview of the Networking in Pharmaceutical Sciences Conference