Registry of Public Procurement Contracts and Framework Agreements

Under provisions of the Art 28, paragraph 2 and 4 of the Public Procurement Act (Official Gazette, No 120/16 and i 114/22) and provisions of the Arts 5, 6 and 7 of the Ordinance on procurement plan, contract register, prior consultation and analysis of the public procurement market (Official Gazette, No 101/17, 144/20 and 30/23), the public procurer, Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices, has since 1 January 2018 published the Registry of public procurement contracts and framework agreements on the Electronic public procurement notice of the Republic of Croatia (EOJN RH - in Croatian).

Prior to entry of this Act into force, Agency was obliged to publish an Overview of concluded public procurement contracts and their realisation (under Conclusion of the Croatian Government, class: 330-01/11-02/01, Ident. No: 5030106-11-2 from the 17 March 2011 (Official Gazette, No. 32/11.)):