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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start the application "Farmakoekonomika" available on the CD?

  1. Insert the CD with the application "Farmakoekonomika" into the computer
  2. Open the window "My Computer" by double clicking on the "My Computer" icon on the working screen or by clicking on the Start in the left lower angle of the screen and than "My Computer" on the offered menu
  3. By clicking the right mouse button press the CD icon and than the Explore should be selected on the menu that appears displaying all files on the CD
  4. By double clicking open the "ReadMe" file
  5. On the very bottom of the "ReadMe" file, you will find the user name and the password that should be entered into the foreseen fields, after the application "Farmakoekonomika" has been started by double clicking on the similar icon.