Medicinal Products

Free access to the new Standard Term database


The new version of Standard Terms is now available for free on the webpages of the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare (EDQM & Healthcare). The database has been revised and reconstructed in a way that facilitates easier search, viewing and editing of terms. It contains terms and definitions describing pharmaceutical forms, routes and methods of administration, containers, closures and systems and also contains combined terms. It also contains patient-friendly terms that are basically short standard terms that may be used in medicinal product labelling, if the space on container is limited and if justified and approved by the competent authority.

The list of Standard Terms is prepared by the European Pharmacopoeia commission, upon European Commission’s request to be used by applicants when applying for granting a marketing authorisation, preparing the summary of product characteristics, package leaflet, labelling and when communicating electronically. Standard terms are published in 32 world languages and are accessible online as of 2008.

Free access to the Standard Terms database can be made available following the registration on the EDQM webpages, or here.